Our Story: The Journey to We Out

A man in a black sweatshirt and bucket hat standing with arms outstretched, embracing the vast, scenic view of a forested landscape from atop a rocky hill under a clear sky.

Hey! I'm Gabriel 'NOTIQ' Rudd, the founder of We Out. Born in Albany, Georgia, and raised in Marietta, I've always been drawn to creative expressions, from music to writing. My journey in media began at Wingate University in North Carolina, where I discovered my passion for storytelling and technology. This passion led me to blend music with digital media, a path inspired by the ingenuity of Southern rap labels like So So Def, Swisha House, & No Limit.

My early career was a blend of music, digital marketing, and online content creation. I found my niche in the digital world, leveraging social media platforms to connect with audiences far and wide. This digital savviness was not just a career path but a means of self-expression and connection.

However, it was a visit to Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, Georgia, in September 2019, that rekindled my love for the outdoors. It was there, amidst the serene beauty of nature, that I found mental clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. Nature became my sanctuary, leading to the inception of We Out.

We Out began as a personal commitment to spend time in nature every week. Despite the challenges of 2020 and the global pandemic, I remained steadfast in my outdoor adventures, realizing the profound impact they had on my mental and physical well-being.

In April 2020, We Out evolved from a personal commitment into an outdoor lifestyle brand. Our mission is to build cultural relevance between outdoor spaces and underrepresented communities, while preserving access to the outdoors. As a brand, we advocate for inclusivity and accessibility in outdoor spaces, understanding that not everyone has the opportunity or means to explore far-off places like Bali or the French Alps. That's why we focus on the abundance of national, state, and local parks and trails within the United States.

One of our key initiatives is the "Get Right Hike Fund," where we plan to gift 100 hiking boots or trail shoes. We recognize that gear insecurity is a barrier for many to venture outdoors. We Out aims to confront this issue by providing shoes that offer safety and comfort for outdoor exploration.

My journey through music, media, and advocacy has culminated in We Out. Here, we celebrate the outdoors, advocate for inclusivity, and provide resources often gatekept from underrepresented communities. We are more than just an outdoor brand; we are a movement for cultural relevance and accessibility in the great outdoors.

Join us in our mission to make nature accessible to all.

We Out – exploring, engaging, and advocating for a diverse outdoor experience.